Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Easter!

 It is Easter this weekend! Room 21 have done beautiful Easter bunny art with our amazing buddies Room 1! We drew patterns in each row and designed a glasses for our cute Easter bunny.
They look so awesome if you see them real! So please visit our class and have a look at them.

Room 21 also made 2D Easter basket with some Easter eggs. They are displayed on the window of our classroom so you can come and walk past our classroom to have a look!

We had no time to make 3D Easter basket so Miss Joo gave us the sheets to make them at home with our family. You can find the instruction here..

Room 21! I think we aced our FIRST term of this year. Everyone had been so kind to each other and to Miss Joo! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely holiday! See you in term 2!
Happy Easter!

xoxo Miss Joo

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  1. Tracey (Blakes Mum)3:05 pm

    Now that's a whole lot of Easter Bunnies. Great job room 21. I love the baskets & bunnies. Very clever kids in Room 21 I think