Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 2 of Term One

Room 21 have discussed the goals for 2017 and everyone made one goal at least.
We are going to work hard to achieve these wonderful goals!

Last week we started "All about me" art.
It is an iPhone template with 9 boxes of different things we love such as favourite animal, favourite food, a dream destination etc.
Finally we finished them and they are now displayed on our window in Room 21.

Van Diagram is a diagram are used when we want to know the difference and similarities between some things. We used van diagram to research what children in Room 21 like. It was very fun talking to other people asking if they like this or that or both!

This week our poem of the week is called "Summertime" and we found our first wow word of the year which is the word 'treasure'. We discussed what it means to us, found the definition in the dictionary (something valuable) and also drew pictures of treasure.

2017 is the year of rooster in China. Room 21 children have made roosters that has a Chinese character of rooster on its body. We will be doing some more rooster art over the next few weeks to celebrate the Chinese new year.

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  1. I like your work so much Room 21, to me it looks interesting.