Monday, 20 March 2017

Coco the ratty tatty cat!

In week 7, Room 21 read a big book called "Ratty tatty cat"
We drew Coco the ratty tatty cat and labelled what he looks like using adjectives!
Then we dyed him black and decorated the background using pastels and crayons.
Blake did amazing job decorating the background so he shared his picture to the whole class.
We talked about how important we need to put our best effort when working!

Some of us didn't get to do the background as we didn't have enough time..

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  1. Wow Room 21 - your Ratty Tat Tat Cats look super! Can't wait to pop in and visit them in person. I love the use of water dye to make pictures. I hope you enjoyed drawing/painting these too!