Sunday, 5 March 2017

Polar bear story

On the 27th of Feb, it was international polar bear day.
Miss Joo brought a picture of polar bears and we discussed and shared what we think polar bears were doing in the picture.
On Tuesday we wrote a story using the picture thinking about what, why, when, where, who, how questions.
On Wednesday, we edited our work by either adding some interesting words or adding sounds in our stories.
On Thursday, we published our first story of the year!
They are displayed on our writing wall at the back of the classroom.


  1. Ooh, I will come in and read some of your stories. I love reading published Writing!
    Great job Room 21.
    From Mrs Burge

  2. Tracey (Blakes Mum)4:25 pm

    I love Polar Bears because they get to sleep alot in winter !! I bet you've had a great time learning about these big, beautiful animals Room 21

  3. Benjamin (Geena's brother)7:40 pm

    awesome work room 21! I strongly recommend more amazing work like this! I certainly learnt something today!!

  4. Niece icey polar bears