Thursday, 22 June 2017

Magnetic butterflies

Last week Room 21 decided to a fun art because we love doing art!
We made magnetic butterflies that we can use for notes on fridge.

First we drew patterns on butterfly template, then got a transparent card on top of the paper to trace lines with vivids.
When we finished, we coloured in using colourful vivids and cut them out.
Miss Joo helped us to put magnets on the butterfly.

The next day, our buddies from Room 1 helped putting antennae on our butterflies.

Aren't they look cool?


  1. Tracey (Blakes Mum)6:25 pm

    Room 21 these are sooo cool. You guys have worked really hard on those. They look fabulous. Great job!!

  2. Very cool Room 21! I love Liam's being on our fridge.

  3. These look beautiful Room 21. I love them! What a clever idea.

  4. Those butterflies are beautiful! I will have to learn how to make them. Emily and Lydia (my daughters) would love to make one too.
    From Mrs Burge

  5. Leo (Caprices Buddy)2:50 pm

    Wow room 21 those butterfly's look spectacular. How did you make them look so cool and shiny. How did you make them?