Sunday, 11 June 2017

Arts week

Week 6 was "Arts week" so Room 21 did a variety of art during this week.

First picture is Samoan pattern art that we did last week with Mrs. Baldwin for Samoan language week. We enjoyed drawing different patterns of Samoa.

Second pictures are Giraffe silhouette art we did for Arts week.
Miss Joo read the picture book called "Giraffes can't dance" and we sketched giraffe pattern then coloured it with oil pastels. 
When we finished the pattern background, we cut out giraffe silhouette and glued it in the centre.
It was a hard work colouring the pattern with pastels but we all finished them beautifully!

Next picture is art we call "Crazy hair art" which was a lovely suggestion from Caleb.
Caleb brought the crazy hair art that he did at an afternoon art class and asked Miss Joo if we can do it together as a class, so on Friday, Miss Joo and Caleb showed how to do crazy hair art.
These are our excellent outcome of our crazy hair art. Some of us are still finishing off painting.
Thanks Caleb for suggesting a fantastic art idea!

We all enjoyed creating different kinds of art this week and now our classroom is going to look very colourful with our awesome art so please come in and see them!


  1. Anna and Finlay11:55 am

    Wow! Well done room 21! Those artworks look really authentic and cool? How long did it take to make the art?
    -Finlay and Anna

  2. Tracey (Blakes Mum)8:10 pm

    Room 21 - you really do the coolest art EVER !! I love all the new work you have created. Your room is sooo colourful. Great ideas. The crazy hair looks like me when i wake up in the morning....

  3. Well Done Rm 21 on your Art Work But Keep it up.

  4. I LOVE your art work, especially the giraffes! That is one of my favourite books!
    Great job Room 22.
    From Mrs Burge