Friday, 19 May 2017

Temple visit

On Tuesday, we went to the Buddhist temple in Botany.
We walked on the courtyard of temple which looked like a maze, some of us made wish at the wishing bell, made lotus flower band, learned 3Gs (Good deeds, good words, and good thoughts) and 4Gs (Give convenience, give confidence, give joy, and give hope to others), looked at the giant bell and the drum, and we also went inside the temple too!

Room 21 really enjoyed our new experience and the temple visit!
Miss Joo took so many photos of us and couldn't put all of them on our blog.
Please check out the link below for the photos!


  1. Tracey (Blakes Mum)10:33 am

    What a fantastic trip it was. Thanks for letting me come as a parent helper. It was fantastic.

  2. What a fantastic trip to the Temple. It was amazing to learn about a different culture. Have you been practicing the 3G's?
    From Mrs Burge

  3. Good Learning for you Rm 21.I hope you did learn lots of things at the Budhist Temple. What did you like the most of all in this trip?